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The Quest For Soul Liberation
Respect Is Fundamental
On The Nature Of Human Identity
Self Improvement: Keys To Success
Sex And The Spiritual Seeker
Natural Order,Cosmic Order And The Seeker
Karma And Justice: Collective Karma On Earth
Finding Balance In A World Of Dualities
Meditation: Guidance For The Seeker And Beyond
Pitfalls On The Spiritual Path: Towards Individuation
Does One Need Religion To Get Closer To God?
The Year 2012: The Dawn Of A New Age,Or An Orwellian Nightmare?

By: Gloria Eagle

There comes a time,in the evolution of the soul,when the individual is no longer satisfied with the pursuit of material goals and conventional existence.She or he begins to ask questions such as:What is the meaning of life?Who am I?What is my place in the universe?…Thus,one may begin the search for enlightenment and liberation.The individual becomes a seeker, and embarks on a long and heroic journey of ever expanding consciousness.Along the way,the seeker will be propelled by a sense of longing,that will not cease,until the final return Home-back to her/his divine origins.
Some souls are born to be free.Most souls are not brave enough to pursue a path leading to freedom.Of those who pursue freedom,most fail,due to lack of proper knowledge,lack of resources or lack of discipline.The pressure of society on the individual to conform,can be enormous.Most people do not even realize that they are conformists,let alone what they are conforming to.They take the beliefs of their group,the social order and their place in it,for granted.The stakes are high,as society would generally oppose someone,who tries to break out of the mold.People around the seeker may feel that their habitual patterns of thinking and way of life are being challenged.This,in turn,may put the life of the seeker in danger.
To find true liberation,the seeker must free his soul.Liberation,in an ultimate sense,means that the soul has completed its earthly lessons and no longer needs to reincarnate in the flesh.Liberation is the result of inner processes that lead the individual to realizing her/his true nature.In order to achieve liberation,the seeker goes on a quest for spiritual knowledge.The seeker aims to discover The Known,The Unknown and The Unknowable.In other words:The Totality Of What Is.This totality was named by the ancient Toltecs:THE NAGUAL.Of course,the totality of what is,cannot be fully discovered;only a fraction of it can become known.The universe and life in it,remain a mystery.However,deeper and deeper levels of knowing can be achieved,and complete knowledge of the mind can be obtained.
On his journey,the seeker meets many teachers,practices many techniques,learns many disciplines,all of which lead her/him eventually,back to themselves-one’s own essential self.One discovers who one is,outside of the definitions and illusions of society.This discovery leads to enlightenment,resulting in the end in liberation. Eventually,the individual consciousness will merge with the cosmic consciousness,permanently.
There are many spiritual traditions and teachings dealing with liberation.Some of the knowledge they hold is universally useful for the individual seeker,and some may completely be useless or even misleading.So,while the assistance of enlightened beings and well tested teachings along the way is necessary,every seeker must find her/his own individual way to liberation.Most seekers spend many life times on the path to liberation,before achieving it,as there are many pitfalls and detours along the way. Impeccability with one’s energy is required.Once,one has achieved total knowledge of the entire contents/inventory of one’s mind,as well as complete knowledge of the mechanisms of the mind [all the complex ways in which the mind works],one is liberated of it.One is no longer controlled by the mind,but in control of it.
Finally,when one is free of the tyranny of the mind,one experiences the bliss of Union With The Divine.Cosmic energies and intelligence would now flow through the individual without obstruction.The seeking comes to an end.The expansion of consciousness continues,but without effort.This is enlightenment and liberation.The Jewel In The Crown Of Existence. And yes,it can be achieved!

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By: Gloria Eagle

Without respect no life form could survive. The sun would not shine upon the fields,if the fields did not appreciate it. The rain would not fall upon the earth,if the earth did not welcome it. Without respect the galaxies and the entire universe would not hold together. No society could exist without respect. No collaboration,no lasting relationships. Respect is fundamental to existence. It recognizes that everything in the universe is intrinsically valuable to the whole: matter,energy,people,animals,plants; All that exists,exists in relations to everything else. Everything is intertwined. All elements affect one another.

We,humans,are all connected and must treat with respect everyone and everything,we come in contact with. Without respect,not even a blade of grass would grow. A flower would be ignored by the insects and butterflies,and would not get pollinated. A child would not develop into a healthy adult,if the parents did not respect it. A family would not hold together without respect between its members. Without respect a bird would never learn to fly. Respect for the laws of nature. Respect for all beings.

When humans do not respect someone,they treat him/her as an object to be used,rather than a person. When they do not respect the earth,they treat it as an object to be exploited. This attitude of entitlement and disregard,prevails in our world nowadays and is destroying the earth and its inhabitants. We consume,and consume,and consume. Hence,we are called: Consumer Society. The members of consumer society are primarily interested in instant gratification of material needs and desires. They have no foresight. They are action oriented,and barely think before they act. This kind of mentality can only go so far,before a society reaches the end of the road.

Now,naturally,some people are more important to us than others. We value them more. We appreciate their presence in our lives. This does not imply that the lives of others are of less value. A near sighted man declared: I like milk,but I hate cows! If one wants to drink milk,one must respect the cow. Another man said: I like the river,but I don’t like the fountain-head. Without respect for the fountain-head,the river would get polluted. When we respect someone or something,we take good care of them. Whatever we do not respect and cherish,dies out or leaves our lives. That is cosmic law.

We must give respect to our children. We must give respect to our elders. We must respect women,minorities,the handicapped and everyone else. We must also treat with respect,those who do not seem to benefit us,those who are helpless,and those who do not share our world view. We even have to treat with respect,those whom we do not respect! When we belittle someone,or a group of people,we become less human. We fall to the lower grounds.

We must respect ourselves too,and demand respect from others,when it is due. Furthermore,we must respect ourselves,even if we live in a society that does not respect us. Finally,seekers who are on a path to union with THE CREATOR,must hold as sacred all of CREATION.

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By: Gloria Eagle

“Some days i feel small and insignificant,like a blade of grass”, said the seeker,”On other days, i feel big and important. Sometimes, i feel helpless,as if i know nothing; And sometimes i feel powerful and all knowing. There are days, when i think i know who i am,and days that i am not sure. What is my true identity?”

Throughout our life span, our idea of who we are keeps changing according to circumstances. And yet,there is also a steady idea of identity that we maintain over time. Our sense of identity is largely shaped by social conditioning. We believe that we are what society tells us that we are. As we grow through the stages of life,and play many roles: Child, Adult, Parent, Citizen, Professional,etc. We identify ourselves with these roles. When the roles change,our sense of identity also changes. We construct the story of our life in conjunction with society. We play the hero/heroine in our own story; But alas! More often than not,the plot does not evolve as planned.
When we succeed to achieve our goals,we feel important and powerful,and when we fail,we feel insignificant and helpless. When society approves of us,we think we are a success,and when it disapproves of us,we think we are a failure. So,we can say that a large part of our identity is socially constructed and fluid.
The part of our identity ,which remains steady throughout life,depends largely on our values. When we hold on consistently to our values, we form the part of our identity that has continuity. If our values change,our identity changes too. If we stick to our core values,and do not compromise them, we develop the “solid” part of our identity.
According to Carlos Castaneda,the Self comprises of two parts: the young self,and the old/ancient self. The young self is fluffy and excitable.It is very small in comparison to our ancient self. The ancient self lies silent beneath the surface of our awareness. It holds the knowledge derived from all of our experiences in the universe. When we are connected to our ancient self,we feel powerful and all-knowing. So, the young self has to cultivate a stable and conscious connection to the ancient self.
Everyone is important and no-one is important. Both feelings are based on illusion. You are important to the people who care about you. You are also important to the people who use you and benefit from the relationship with you. But that does not make you more important than anyone else. Every life form is equally important to Creation. You can be a king or a beggar-it doesn’t matter. Our sense of importance or lack of it,is based on social convention. It is not based on The Truth of Eternity. It is likely that the beggar will achieve enlightenment before the king,as the king has to deal with the diversions of self-importance,and with too many responsibilities and duties. Since you are both important and unimportant,the term is meaningless in defining your identity. You are only important in relation to someone or something. Since you are little compare to some,but big compare to others,that term too does not define your identity. Part of you knows nothing, but there is a part of you that knows everything. So,are you ignorant or are you all knowing?…Ah! When your young self and your ancient self combine forces, you become all-knowing and powerful.
In a lifetime,you develop a character and a sense of identity. When you dedicate yourself to the pursuit of self-knowledge, your young self, ancient self and the universe- all become one. And then you realize the truth of your identity:you are an immortal spirit residing in the flesh,reflecting the image and traits of the Creator and co-participating in The Act of CREATION.

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By: Gloria Eagle

Recently, a seeker said to me:”I have been working on self improvement for a long time,but I find that the more I work on my imperfections,the more imperfections I find in myself.It is as if I have opened a Pandora box, and every affliction in the world is coming out of it. It seems that there is no end to it. Am I failing to improve myself? I feel discouraged”.

Do not try to be perfect. Just do your best. Our own ideas of perfection are imperfect, I replied,so relax.
Most of our ideas of perfection are derived from social and religious dogmas.The universe is always evolving, and so are we.Our ideas of perfection keep changing. Perhaps,we are moving from one perfection to the next perfection,or at least,to a greater perfection. In some Native American tribes, when they weave their works of art,upon completion the weaver pulls out a thread from the finished product. This is done to indicate that nothing in the universe is perfect, nor complete. Not even the greatest works of art. There is always something missing, and this is what makes room for development.

If you feel discouraged with your quest for self- improvement,it may be the time to make some adjustments in your approach to the process. This is when the assistance of a helper is needed. I will give you some guidelines to ease the pressure involved in the process of improving yourself. Repeat after me:
I am human.I have strengths,I have weaknesses. I love myself. I respect myself. I approve of myself, no matter how many faults I may have. I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be respected. Say these words to yourself out loud,every day,until you believe it. The subconscious mind loves repetition and routines. Program it to hold these positive words. Replace old ideas and routines with new ones.

When observing yourself,do not focus on trying to change yourself,but rather on trying to understand yourself.This would be an important shift in attitude. Be kind to yourself, when you find a weakness within. A weakness can be turned around into strength. Negative energies can be transformed and transmuted. For example:sadness and anger can be turned into creative energies,through humor, dancing,playing a musical instrument and writing.Talking to a friend,stranger,or a professional counselor,can also help.

Drop the role of a critic and judge,and be like a nurturing mother to yourself. Give yourself unconditional love.Whenever you catch your inner judge in action,do not judge it-this would only reinforce it. Just say: I observe that right now the judge is speaking; and let go…Continue your observation. Eventually,you will become more accepting of yourself,and you will flow with life and change,naturally.

Do not fight against parts of yourself,which you disapprove of, but rather acknowledge them and find constructive ways to transform them. Do not try to slaughter your ego,as many gurus recommend.Instead, study it,understand what it is and hold it in its proper place.You cannot survive without an ego. You need an ego to be able to function in society. However, the ego is like a dog that needs to be tamed. Show it who is the boss! Whenever you approach your psyche with aggression,your psyche would retaliate and your shortcomings would become more pronounced. So, be gentle with yourself.It is better to resolve your conflicts through understanding and compassion,than through psychological violence.Let your transformation be like the unfolding of the rose petals.Do not pry the petals open.It is a gift to be alive and aware.Every day is an opportunity for growth.

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Spiritual seekers are often confused about the place of sexuality, in the life of a spiritual person.They ask the following question:Many spiritual schools advocate celibacy as a prerequisite for spiritual development;While other schools advocate sexual fulfillment. Should I suppress my desires,or should I follow them?

The above question is very pertinent in our times.What place does sexuality have in the life of the spiritual seeker,if any? The answer is complex and would depend largely on the temperament of the individual,and the unique circumstances in which she or he find oneself.There are several issues here, that must be addressed.From the Goddess perspective,celibacy is not the way.since the body is not perceived as opposite to spirit, but rather as a part of it;There is no conflict between desire and spiritual evolution.In the Goddess traditions of the world,nature is embraced as a manifestation of spirit,and therefore it must be honored and allowed to express itself.To block it would be akin to blocking the flow of a river. It would turn it into a swamp. Given this fundamental understanding,we still have to consider the complexity of the human condition and realize that under certain circumstances,celibacy can be helpful,or even necessary for spiritual development.

Consider the issues of:compatibility of energies,the balance of energies, the conservation of energy, the misuse and abuse of energy:
Firstly, apples match apples,and bananas match bananas.But apples do not match
bananas…The average person can have sex with anyone,and it would have little or no effect on her/his spiritual development.It would be like matching apples with apples.But not so,when you have energies that have been purified and refined through practicing hard discipline and discernment.You wouldn’t want to mix them with unrefined energy.It would be like mixing high grade gasoline with low grade gasoline.Not a good idea.
Secondly, since sex is energy consuming,you would want to make sure that you are not just giving energy,but also receiving energy.Otherwise,you would get depleted and could fall off the path.If your energy is high and your partners energy is low,your energy would be compromised and this would be a setback on your path.However,if your partner’s sexual energy is compatible with yours,sex would boost your energy.If it is higher than yours,it would raise your energy and contribute to your evolution.
Generally,if you follow your instinct,you would be able to know,when someone’s sexual energy is compatible with yours.
Thirdly, there may be times in one’s life,when one needs to focus her/his entire personal energies on oneself,and not to share them through sex.In a society where sex is associated with creating a family unit and having children,the only available way to dedicate oneself to a spiritual path,is to join a monastery or to be celibate.

Patriarchy has created a dichotomy between body and spirit.In doing so it generated a great conflict in the human psyche,suppression and suffering.The notion of sex as
sin,is a patriarchal idea.It allows for the control of the masses by authorities.From the perspective of the Goddess traditions and of a more evolved human being,sexual activity is neither moral nor immoral.While it can be misused or perverted,in and of itself, it is just natural. But since sex is a powerful drive, and since the transmission of energy affects one’s emotional and mental state,it is important for the seeker who is engaged in sexual activity,to be aware of the ramifications.

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By: Gloria Eagle

There is order in the universe.The universe is governed by cosmic laws.Even the forces of chaos and destruction are part of the whole,which is orderly.When we speak of the natural order of things,it may be in reference to the order of the natural world,such as the order of the seasons and the law of gravity.It may be in reference to a social order,which we believe is natural.Or,it may be in reference to the invisible order of a metaphysical reality. When the world is in harmony,the reality of the physical world and social world are a mirror reflection of the metaphysical dimensions.Hence the saying:as above,so below.
Natural order is not separate from divine order,as many nowadays believe, but rather, it follows divine order. A river always has to flow from the fountainhead to the ocean. If it were to flow in reverse, it would be the end of the world, as we know it. Like a river, the great energy of The Godhead flows throughout the many dimensions of existence and through all beings,from the highest to the lowest,saturating the universe with life and light.

When building a pyramid,it is wide at the base,and it narrows as it rises upwards.It wouldn’t hold the balance,if we were to build it upside down.When we pile pebbles by the river, we place the smaller stones on top of the larger stones.A small stone could be crashed by the weight of a large stone.So,we follow natural order in our construction.
A child has to learn to stand, before it learns to walk.We wouldn’t want to force it to walk,before it learned to stand.It has to learn the A,B,C,before it can read Dante or Shakespeare,etc.

It can be damaging to go against natural order.A society too, has to follow natural order.For example,the young follow the generation before them,and not the other way around.If the youth is more respected than the old,as is often the case in western cultures,that is not natural order. If a society no longer respects and values its elders, the cumulative experience of the species would be lost,and the next generations would have to start from scratch.When a society is just and follows natural order,people with merit hold the proper positions of authority in their fields of expertise.When the natural order is disrupted,positions and roles are allocated through bribery,deception and favoritism.This in turn,would lead to the collapse of such society.

The seeker has to navigate and function in all dimensions of reality like everyone else,and better than anyone else. The seeker has to conserve and gather all the energy that she/he can,and utilize it for spiritual evolution.To be able to do so,the seeker has to align with natural and cosmic order. Friction or diversion from natural order, would lead to loss of precious energy.

When reaching large rocks,the river does not push through them,but circumvents them.Thus,it follows the path of least resistance.It flows from the higher plateau to the lower plateau.That is natural order.The order of everything in heaven and on earth has been named by the Chinese:The Tao.The sage follows The Tao.For evolution to take place,both individually and collectively,The Tao must be respected and understood.

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By: Gloria Eagle

There is very little justice on earth.The people who tell you that an age of awakening and harmony is already present, are either deluded, or they are following their own agendas.At this point of time in the history of humanity,there are many messianic groups operating. This always happens at the beginning of a new millenia. There are no messiahs coming, so do not wait for them. There may be some great teachers around. They usually walk by unnoticed,and if they do get noticed,they usually get crucified. There is more negativity on earth now,than ever before. But,there are also more people living on earth now,than ever before[7 billions],so perhaps some of the negativity is due to the sheer number of people.

According to the mystical traditions of the world,there are always 36 avatars living on earth,who are in charge of keeping the balance of energies on it. These avatars,are fully enlightened beings,who choose to incarnate solely for the purpose of helping humanity. At this time,in the year 2012,there is so much production of negative energies on planet earth,that the avatars can not keep up with it. It is now necessary for us to have at least 42 avatars. It should be noted that the avatars neutralize negative energies on planet earth directly, and may not be involved with people at all. They are very seldom public personalities.Here are some of the words of the avatars:”We are infinity’s instruments, in charge of the distribution of Love. Our love manifests itself as creation and destruction. We keep the measurements in balance.”

Now,back to the question of justice. The Hindus believe that in times of great imbalance,the goddess Durga comes to the rescue. Durga manifests the supreme power of God,and incarnates solely for the purpose of fighting the forces of evil and destroying the demons,who have led the humans astray. Durga is also known by the names:Shakti [who is lord’s Shiva’s consort], Parvati and Kali. She is fierce and loving,both at the same time. She is the power behind creation,preservation and destruction.I believe that Durga is with us,at this critical time in history. Similar to the eastern concept of Durga,is the western concept of Anima Mundi- The Soul Of The World. But the Durga is depicted in a more animated proactive manner.

The Incas have their own version of The Great Universal Mother -Pachamama. Pachamama is not happy with the humans right now. There is too much imbalance on earth. She is going to retaliate by creating a Pachakuti- the turning of the soil upside down. A process of great upheaval or revolution. Those who were at the bottom of the social pile,are going to find themselves suddenly at the top of it,and those at the top layer,will find themselves at the bottom. The red race will rise back to it’s former glory,and the civilizations that exploited the earth and it’s people, will find out that they no longer have the energies required to pursue their goals. This re-balancing may be called justice,or you may call it the karma of groups and nations. So, maybe on the large scale, there is justice after all,but the life span of an individual may be too short to witness it.

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By Gloria Eagle

There are countless meditation techniques out there,geared towards cultivating the mind and obtaining higher states of consciousness.We can divide these techniques into the following general categories:
A) Meditation involving concentration, or focus on a selected object of thought.The object of focus can be anything-it can be one’s breath,the flame of a candle,a picture,a sound,etc.
B) Meditation involving observation without concentration on an object-observing the thoughts and images as they arise in the mind spontaneously,and letting them pass without manipulation and control.
C) A sitting meditation.
D) Meditation in motion,such as Yoga,Kung Fu and Tai Chi.
E) Meditation with the eyes closed,looking inwardly[like the famous statues of Buddha).
F) Meditation with the eyes open,looking outwardly.The eyes scan the environment near or far,or rest on one spot.

Each meditation technique has its own benefits,and some may be more suited for the temperament and inclinations of an individual.All meditation techniques are meant to lead the practitioner, eventually,to a state of mind that is calm and empty of thoughts.I recommend that you use the following technique,since it encompasses mind,body and spirit:Observe your breathing for a while-in and out…observe your thoughts for a while-they come and they go…observe your sensations for a while and the thoughts associated with them;and then let go of any observation.So,you shift from focus to no-focus. It’s like playing with a ball:catch and let go…catch and let go.At some point the game would end on its own.There will be lulls of emptiness.Not even awareness.Not even breathing.Look for the space between your breaths.Look for the space between your thoughts.In this emptiness resides the I AM,which is beyond the mind. At first the lulls will be short and you may not remember them,because they will be empty. As time goes on, if you practice meditation regularly, the lulls of emptiness will become longer and longer. There will be nothing to remember other than a deep,peaceful silence. During your daily routines, you will notice that your awareness has increased and has sharpened.If you continue practicing,silence would become the regular condition of your mind and you will only think, when thinking is required.

Achieving a mind empty of thoughts is a form of mastery of the mind.Once you have stopped the internal dialogue,you will experience oneness with all that is,creativity and bliss.

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By: Gloria Eagle

I have been struggling to achieve balance in all aspects of my life,said the seeker,but I keep getting knocked out of balance, again and again.Have I failed in my quest?

We live in a world of dualities,where energy is constantly moving between polarities,trying to achieve optimal balance,moment by moment.There is no permanent balance in our reality,as there is an on-going influx of events approaching us all the time,from within and from without,knocking our balance off.Some days,we eat too much sugar,the next days,we have to refrain from sugar.some days,we don’t have enough sugar in our blood.Sometimes we eat too much and sometimes too little.Too much of this,and not enough of that.We bathe in the sun for a while,but soon we have to run for the shade,as too much exposure to the sun rays would cause discomfort and sun damage.We hide in the shade,but then we don’t get enough vitamin D and we run back to the sun.The weather is unstable.Why does it keep changing? We run a busy lifestyle,but after sometime,we get tired and burnt out. So we rest.But then we get fat and have to workout…and the battle goes on for as long as we live.

Psychologically,we have to deal with the never ending stress of modern life.This stress is fundamentally the same as in pre-modern life,only the setting has changed;ambition,insecurity,the struggle for survival,the struggle for success,the struggle for acceptance in society,falling in love,falling out of love…Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are miserable.When we are happy,we try to hold on to our happiness,but we cannot and it makes us miserable, again.We bend to the right,but then we have to bend to the left,to compensate for too much movement in one direction.We are always stalking the pendulum,reaching for an optimal balance:like a boy on a skating board.Like an acrobat on a rope.Like an eagle surfing in the wind. We find our mental balance,but alas!it doesn’t last long.And just when we think that we have finally figured out how to live in balance…we die!

This is the nature of creation.It is made of polarities:hot/cold,Yin/Yang,Anima/Animus,day and night,life and death.So you see? The only lasting balance exists in the realm of Spirit.Establish a strong connection to your spirit and to the Great Spirit of All,and you will find a place of stability in an unstable world.

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By: Gloria Eagle

There are countless ways to stumble and fall,in both everyday life and in spiritual life.For this reason,the seeker has to be vigilant and watchful like a hawk.The biggest stumbling block on the spiritual path is self importance,or you might say the ego.We work hard to develop an ego,starting from early childhood,when we sense that we need to develop a certain identity, in order to survive in the human world. Gradually, we learn to identify with the persona that we have created. We use our persona to present ourselves to the world and we guard it with all of our might. But lo and behold, we forget who we really are underneath this image of ourselves,that we have created. We accumulate layers upon layers of conditioning and ideas about ourselves,like the layers of an onion.

So,we can say that ego was a stepping stone in our evolution, that got us to were we are.But now that we are seekers,ego is what obscures our true identity.Our true identity is outside the parameters of time,space and social definitions. As seekers, we have to peel off the layers of identity, which we have worked very hard to assemble.So, this is a reverse process to the process of building up the ego. It involves recapitulation of our past and letting go of it.In the western world,the process of becoming our authentic self has been named:INDIVIDUATION.We peel off the layers of identity,like the peeling of an onion,and of course,it makes us cry.The ego wants to hold on to familiar beliefs and ideas,which are what it is made of.Underneath the peels there is nothing. It is empty. Our true self is immortal and is to be found outside the machinations of the mind.

To find the spirit within,we have to constantly challenge the ideas of who we are.We have to negate these ideas and keep negating any conclusions that we arrive at. Naturally, the ego objects to this questioning fiercely! It feels that this is a threat to its existence, and indeed it is.What would we be without a set structure of definitions and conclusions about ourselves and the nature of reality?we fear chaos.We fear insanity.

There is a need to balance out the forces of change and stability each step of the way. Each time we make a discovery about our nature, we feel enriched and satisfied, but then the ego jumps in and tries to use the discovery to boost itself.It incorporates the newly found information into its sense of self importance.It says:Ah-Ha!I always knew that I am great.Maybe, I am the greatest?Maybe,I already know everything and need not explore any further?I now have a new definition of my identity, that makes me feel even more important than before!…You see? The ego always wants to be the boss. It has to realize that it is nothing but a construct of the mind.A tower of cards filled with words.The ego has to be made to go on its knees and submit itself to the will of the spirit.It has to become its servant.Keep your mind open to new ideas and do not rest on your laurels. Never assume that you have already reached the top of the mountain.

P.S.I would like to emphasize,that due to the complexity of the mind,the trickery of the unconscious mind,and due the the ability of society to divert the individual from the spiritual path,an enlightened guide is indispensable to the seeker.

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By: Gloria Eagle

Some people do and some do not.The one who asks this question,probably does not.Religion can get you closer to God[the god of your understanding];it can also get you
further away from God. Religion consists of sacred scriptures containing stories, parables,rules of conduct for humans, rituals,records of historic events,creation myths and belief systems. All these aspects of religion provide meaning and direction for human existence.Religion also helps create a framework for the establishment of a society, as individuals gather around common beliefs,and this gives them a sense of security.When a society shares a consensus about a religion,an orderly social structure is created and maintained.

The problem with religion is-as it gets institutionalized over time,it gets morphed into something other than what the original founders of the religion have intended it to be. It becomes a tool of exploitation and the rational or justification for all sorts of crimes, including killing and going to war.With the passage of time, and human evolution
or devolution,parts of religion become out of synch with the present condition of society.And to top these problems,the rigid application of ancient and generalized rules to the individual,end up stifling his/her evolution.

For a soul that hasn’t evolved yet, or is not ready for a life of autonomy and independence, religion may be a necessity.Rules of conduct have to be provided
by some external source of authority,since he/she cannot tolerate ambiguity and originality.A more evolved soul would do better,following an internal moral compass
and xercising its creativity. An evolved soul may still draw inspiration from religious traditions,but would do so selectively,or with discernment. In a world that has become extremely materialistic,one can draw spiritual sustenance from the visions of the prophets and from the legends and records of miracles.But,blind faith in religion is not compatible with the psyche of the modern person.
The challenge for the spiritual seeker of our time, is to have faith in the human potential. To risk going after the unknown,while at the same time remaining sober and rational.

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By: Gloria Eagle

It has been predicted that at this time in history,we would experience a great awakening of humanity.Are we there yet [over the rainbow]? Or the opposite has happened-we are in some version of an Orwellian nightmare;society has descended into ignorance,materialism and mechanical existence?
Our world hangs in the balance,teetering between breakdown and breakthrough.For many rings of souls,a breakdown has already occurred,as they were not willing to rise above egotism.Although, we live in times of transformation,and opportunities to raise our individual and collective consciousness are abound;human evolution remains a matter
of choice.We rise and fall in accordance with the values we choose to uphold.
I am afraid I must say,that for the majority of humans,life on earth has become an Orwellian Nightmare:
We are all under surveillance.Individual freedoms are diminishing.Individuals are becoming more and more like each other,and indigenous cultures are vanishing.Humanity is becoming more and more homogenous,as the process of globalization progresses.Any simple farmer knows,that diversity is necessary for the survival of plants and animals.Likewise,diversity among human individuals and human cultures,is necessary for the survival of the human species.
It is not just the state that controls the citizens.It is much more insidious.In the Age of Google,it is hard to maintain privacy.It is even harder to maintain individuality,as mass media and commercial propaganda reach everywhere on the globe and bombard the individual mind.
Industrialism and Capitalism have brought prosperity to the western civilization.But,at this point in history,they are becoming increasingly the tools of its downfall.
This is the result of a collective human mentality prevailing now,which places profits over people and over the earth itself.
We live in an age of technology and information.But,with all the tools that we have created,and all the information that we constantly gather and assimilate,we have not been able to improve the relations between man and his soul,man and his fellow man,man and the universe.
Our minds cannot cope with the barrage of information and the great instability in our world.We know,at this point in history,that without paradigm shift,we will not survive as a species.Further more,we are participating in the destruction of countless life forms on earth,through our life style choices.
We can see the decline of a society,when we observe its young generation.The young become physically and mentally weaker than the generation before them.They are not prepared for the challenges of the future.They are educated in exceedingly mindless,mechanical ways.
When a society loses the higher ideals of humanity,its youth becomes retarded in its development.We have to find a better way.
According to the Mayan calender,and also other traditions, in December,21,2012 a great Cosmic Cycle of creation ,which lasted 5,125 years,comes to an end,and a new one begins, marking the dawning of a New Age on the planet.This is an astronomical event.There is an elevation of the earth vibrations,as it realigns itself within the cosmos,and this allows for a quickening in the evolution of human consciousness..So potentially,humanity could reach a great new age of awakening in the near future.However,it remains a matter of whether or not the humans align themselves with the new vibrations of the earth.There is no predestiny for us as individuals or collectively.We create our destiny as we move along.Every little act matters.It impacts the whole.
We have not been successful in birthing the essence of the Age of Aquarius,which is a
smaller cycle of 2,150 years, within the greater cycle of 5,125 years,of the Maya calender.
We are certainly not witnessing the beginning of an age of love and peace on a collective level.There has been too much corruption on earth,preventing it from coming.
The planetary alignment of December,2012,will create new possibilities for the human consciousness to evolve beyond previously known levels,but this will not happen unless we re-prioritize our values.We live in a Patriarchal world, along with all its characteristic inequities,domination
and exploitation.The imbalances of our world go beyond the current economic or political systems.This cycle of violence is thousands of years old.Patriarchy has got to go!Humanity must restore the power of the feminine,in order to balance itself.A power that is naturally life affirming and in harmony with universal principles.

P.S.It should be noted that many astrologers correlate the rise and fall of mighty civilizations and cultural trends,with the cycles of movement of the earth,stars and galaxies.

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Gloria Eagle Quick Facts

The Oracle was trained in The Art Of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda.She is a Dream Master,or what is  known in the Toltec tradition as – Nagual Woman.As a successor to Castaneda, she  carries a rare esoteric knowledge,which when studied and applied properly,leads to enlightenment and liberation. It involves Lucid Dreaming,Healing through Dreams and energy practices[Alchemy]. She has been assisting seekers of healing and self liberation for over 30 years.The Oracle is well versed in the traditions of the West ,as well.She holds several academic degrees.

Liberate your soul!
Favorite Quotes & Thoughts from Gloria Eagle

I think,therefore I am.I don’t think,therefore I can be.- The Oracle

I am that which I love.- The Oracle

Death is my personal adviser; my constant companion. It reminds me every moment, what is important and what is not.Death is the greatest coach of all.-The Oracle

If it were not for death, human beings would have an infinity to waste- The Oracle

Peace is not a goal at the end of a road.Peace IS the road.-The Oracle[others have said it too].

Some people grow.The others are self growth experts.-The Oracle

Call me when you need me-The Oracle

If you are growing within a paradigm,you are growing laterally.To rise above a paradigm,one must risk going beyond conventions and popular culture.-The Oracle

What is popular culture? Nothing but a sand castle on the shores of infinity.-The Oracle

We are here for a short time only.Always be prepared to die.-The Oracle

We, beings construct a world,and then we get lost in it.-The Oracle

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